API and documentation

By default, only one parameter is required to create a screenshot, a URL of the target page.

http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=http://yahoo.com HTTP scheme is optional, you can omit it if you want to http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=yahoo.com

Below are available request parameters and their default values, you can also skip to examples. You can use request parameters in any order.

Request parameters

Param Value No registration Registered users Description
key [0-9a-z]{32} not required 32-char UUID assigned to each user after registration. This key must be added to each request.
url URL address * An HTTP URL address of a webpage. It is recommended to use percent-encoded URLs when possible.
w 24 - 1280 Thumbshot width (in pixels)
0 - default width
h 18 - 32000 Thumbshot height (in pixels)
0 - no height limitation (full page)
refresh 0 - 1 Request thumbshot refresh
lang RU, EN Language of system errors and messages.
v 0 - 1 Defines system verbosity level
0 - user-friendly messages (no description or code)
1 - detailed messages with error code
size XS, S,
M, L,
XS, S,
M, L
Thumbshot size
  • XS - 60x45 px
  • S - 120x90 px
  • M - 150x120 px
  • L - 320x240 px
  • XL - 640x480 px
  • XXL - 800x600 px
  • XXXL - 1024x768 px
  • XXXXL - 1280x960px
type img, embed,
xml, json
img, embed Server output type
  • img - JPEG image in binary format
  • xml - plain text in XML format
  • json - plain text in JSON format
  • embed HTML tag
<img src="{image SRC}" alt="{URL}" title="{URL}" />

* URLs of top- and second level domains only.
Example: if you request a screenshot of this address http://sub.domain.tld/page/1.html the server will process http://sub.domain.ru only.

Request examples

  • A screenshot of 120x190 px. size (default size) http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL
  • Request with the key parameter for registered users http://get.thumbshots.ru/?key=PR2QSAB614K8DR25WBN5UYT4472IXL0W&url=webpage URL
  • A screenshot of 320x240 px. size http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL&size=L
  • HTML <img /&rt; tag with a screenshot 150x120 px. http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL&size=M&type=embed
  • A full-height screenshot of 320 px. width (full length of a page) http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL&w=320
  • A screenshot of 320 px. width and 100 px. height http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL&w=320&h=100
  • Request for a thumbshot refresh http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL&refresh=1
  • Combining request parameters:
    If you use in your request both size and either w or h params, precedence take w and h parameters. In other words, in the example request below, the server would return a screenshot of 700x500 px.

    http://get.thumbshots.ru/?url=webpage URL&w=700&h=500&size=L